San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International


Green Glam Fashion Show Premier
September 27 - W Hotel, San Francisco

Designers 2014

Tuan Tran



Art and Fashion Design Biography and Approach

Creating beautiful Art and Fashion that defy the source materials is a challenge. Creating beauty from source materials which are up-cycled and re-purposed is his obsession. He says: "Life is colorful. I am colorful. Art and Fashion reflect life. My Fashion design and art reflect me.  The color's of thread, cloth, wire, ribbon, are my pallet. Recycled Materials are the Ethos of my Fashion Design & Art." The colors and textures of material, thread and wire, appear in much of his work.The elements or materials he uses to compose his Fashion and Art are as varied as the resulting end design. Born in Vietnam, Tuan calls San Francisco home, where he also has a successful real estate career. His garments have drawn national and international attention. He has been a featured designer in many fashion and art shows, and is the subject many articles written about him and his craft. Life cannot be taken too seriously. 


Tuan says: "Fun, enjoyment and thought are what I hope to bring in each of my pieces. The subject matter, materials and theme of each of my pieces vary significantly; reflecting life, reflecting belief, reflecting me." The recipient of the 2012 Melange' award for Innovation and Leadership in S.F. Bay Area fashion, he was also selected as one of the favorite Bay Area designers by Jean Paul Gualtier during his recent show at the de Young museum in San Francisco.


 WireWear is made of recycled wire and materials reflecting my affinity to the colors of life, and the reuse of discarded materials.   OriWear crafted from re-purposed cloth material  to attain a level of beauty which defies the origin of the material. Having conceptual roots in Saki-ori, the ancient rural Japanese technique of recycling old cloth and clothing into "new" garments or useful items. "Saki" means tear, "ori" means weave in Japanese.


Actively involved in Art for 25 years, based in San Francisco. He is a credentialed Ikebana teacher and have performed demonstrations, exhibits and workshops around the world.  Ikebana has provided a tremendous creative outlet to me. Now creating couture fashion and fine art from recycled materials while focusing on the individual beauty and significance of the elements. Creating fashion and fine art from discarded or recycled materials is my passion. Composing and constructing garments and works of art from “found” materials is not new. The intrinsic value of beauty these recycled materials creates the opportunity to exceed the “sum of the parts”.


 Combining these materials to create visions of beauty is not unlike Ikebana, the ancient Japanese tradition of arranging natural materials such as flowers, branches, rocks, achieving visions of beauty, creating visions of natural perfection. Fusing natural elements and connecting people to nature is core to Ikebana. Ikebana is an original art form of found materials. Tuan's art is a modern approach to some very old concepts in creating beauty.


 Website: www.zhibit.org/tuantran    Email & Facebook:  tuantsf@yahoo.com



Ana Cecilia Ortega




Silk brings the muses to Ana Cecilia’s hands. The slippery, glowing fabric has transformed and enhanced the bodies of hundreds of women in Costa Rica and Europe. Now, working with silk is moving Ana Cecilia to the United States and Northern California, where she recently moved from Costa Rica with her husband and son.

From the tender age of four, Ana Cecilia started creating her own designs. Paper became her best friend, which she shaped into dolls (‘muñecas de papel’) that she then dressed with skirts, blouses and other garments her little hands managed to design.


So it was that Ana Cecilia found her path at a very early age in life. As a teenager, she made her own clothes with the various fabrics she could find, but always using natural fibers “tejidos”. With these Mother Earth’s friendly textiles, Ana Cecilia clothed friends and family, who became her first clients. At sixteen, she bought her first Singer sewing machine.


When time came to start college, she moved from her hometown of Guanacaste to the capital, San José. She studied computer science, but outside the classroom she continued designing clothes for her friends and family.


“Sexy is glamorous and sophisticated when expressed with vivacity and charm,” says Ana Cecilia.


After college she opened her fashion studio, “Casa de Modas”. She saw her first clients walk in 20 years ago in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, an exclusive commercial development on the outskirts of San José. She smiles at those wonderful memories. Ana Cecilia dressed politicians’ wives, beauty queens, lawyers, any woman who wanted to wear her exclusive artistic pieces.


Last year she experienced a rebirth of her passion when modern fashion shifted to place more weight on style and elegance. Since her arrival in California, Ana Cecilia has been commissioned to dress Miss Costa Rica, Claudia Gallo and American Idol, Thia Megia.


 Website: www.cecifashiondesign.com



Jamie Chua




Jamie Chua is based out of the Bay Area and graduated from Dominican University of California with a Degree in Marketing. Throughout her life, she has expressed her creativity through event planning, blogging, attending fashion shows and more.


Ever since she was younger, she has dreamt of working in fashion and felt like that dream was out of reach. With the mentorship of another designer, she has learned how to sew all of the designs that she has wanted to create. Jamie can be described as a fresh face to the fashion world. She loves creating couture and ready-to-wear pieces that make any woman feel confident and beautiful with a pop of color! It is her firm belief that every woman deserves to wear what she wants and likes to emphasize to women “Just Be You.”




Prima Jiva



Reinventing Classic Designs

Prima Jiva Mission: The purpose of Prima Jiva which means "Higher Self" is to be the ultimate house of design for those seeking comfort, elegance and simplicity. Prima Jiva expresses the evolution of fashion and self-awareness by creating a synergy between classic style and ancient wisdom. With Prima Jiva, one can experience a world of grace, quality and versatility while radiating a timeless image.


At the heart of Prima Jiva is Salma Schempp, Chief Executive Officer and head of design. She is an experienced entrepreneur and designer. The spirit of the company, clothing and brand image are a reflection and product of Salma’s visionary concepts.


Stylist and self-taught designer Salma Schempp was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she watched her mother design and create clothing for herself and her family that was stylish enough for fashion runways. Salma and her mother were kindred spirits—sharing a love of creativity and fashion, as well as an open, accepting spirituality.


Salma Schempp has lived and traveled around the globe. With her international background, she combines elements of Fashion and Nature from many different cultures and countries, and brings out these influences in her designs. Prima Jiva’s design concept is international, timeless and unique.


Her unique twist to classic fashion is distinctive and elegant and she has received accolades from the press and fashion industry as well as a loyal following.


"With my artistic background and holistic approach to life I have the vision, knowledge and passion to a make a difference in the Fashion world" –Salma Schempp, Prima Jiva


 Website: www.primajiva.com




Colleen Quen





Inspired by nature's motifs, Colleen Quen creates a realm of whimsical innocence with her contemporary fashion design, marrying expressive structure with luminous volume of textile. Walking through Quen's atelier, one is in awe of the various sculpted garments that lines her spacious workshop where she designs exclusive fashion collections for private clients and museums. Influenced by the array of colors in Matisse's oil painting and classical Chinese calligraphy, Quen employs an artistic practice of defining open space within physical form, layering colorful movement of fabric and texture. Through her vivid ideas and graceful sensibility, Quen articulates a strong compositional sensation in her work, pushing the transparency of her fabric beyond its physical form and taking the audience through a magical mirror to explore their imaginations.


From the start of her earliest collections, Quen created a strong visual language of beauty and art, defining her own interpretation of fashion. Quen graduated with a Fashion Design degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in 1986. Following her path as a designer, she cultivated an impressive career, working on a ten-year foundation for Wilkes Sport by Wilkes Bashford, Eileen West, Gap, Jane Tise/Karen Alexander and Joan Walters. Recognizing the vitality of attaining the highest form of mastery in her craft, she went on to study at Simmone Sethna School of French Couture, adding to her repertoire of refined fashion discipline. She graduated with a certificate in French Couture in 1996. Quen decided to open her own couture design company in 2000. Quen's bold and exquisite designs propelled her into an international arena, establishing her mark in a linage of American fashion.

Artist: Colleen Quen
Cover iGreenWoman Magazine


Her most recent imaginative undertaking, in collaboration with LINES Ballet’s Associate Artistic Director Robert Rosenwasser, is the creation of costumes for Alonzo King’s 21st-century vision of the historic ballet Scheherazade. Commissioned by the Monaco Dance Forum in honor of the Centenary of the Ballets Russes, this new Scheherazade draws on the rich and fantastical exuberance of Léon Bakst’s watercolor sketches and the history of the glamorous 1909 “Saison Russes” that captivated all of Paris. By uniting haute couture and costumes for dance, Quen continues influencing the context of fashion.




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Liliana Chavez











Natalie Minori-Sconce