SFSFWI Sustainable Market & Trade Fair
Saturday August 29 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaAAAAAJGQwZTJlODJiLTdmNjQtNGUwMC1iNTg2LTU0ZTkyN2FjYjVhZgAnya Deepak Anya Deepak is the Toxics Reduction professional at the City and County of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment. Apart from nail technicians, Anya also works very closely with custodians and artists. Anya started with the Department of the Environment 3 years ago when she heard about the number of chemicals in nail products and how they impact health. She works closely with many business sectors that deal with harmful chemicals as their bread and butter and helps them transition from these chemicals and use safer techniques that don’t harm their health or the environment.
lynda grose picLynda Grose Lynda Grose cofounded ESPRIT’s ecollection, which was the first ecologically responsible clothing line developed by a major corporation and set pioneering standards for the textile industry. As a practicing designer, consultant, and educator, Grose works with clients across all sectors of the economy; from private businesses to nonprofit organizations and governments and from designers to artisans and farmers. Lynda is Associate Professor of Fashion Design at California College for the Arts and Marketing Outreach for the Sustainable Cotton Project. She also co-authored Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change.

San Francisco Library Presents
SFSFWI Educational Symposium Day
Monday August 24 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Morning Panel 10:00 AM
Sustainable Fashion Industry Forum

Scott Leonard, Indigenous Designs Fashion
Gary Barker, Ditto Hangers Product
Susan Cann, Producer, Unacceptable Levels Film
Hiroko Kurihara, 25th Street Collective Community
Carol Shu, The North Face Sustainability
Melissa Hook, Levi Strauss & Co.’s Health & Safety
Christina Johnson, Up Cycle It Now Moderator

Midday Panel 12:30 PM
Locally Grown Knitwear/Non-toxic Textile & Fabric Cleaning
Monica Paz Soldan from Tiny Textile, representing Fibershed;
Julie Mo of Press On Cleaners in San Mateo speaking about wet-cleaning, a non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning.

Afternoon Panel 2:00 p.m.
Where Do Your Clothes Go2?
Panel Discussion

Connie Ulasewicz Connie Ulasewicz is a Professor in the Apparel Design &Merchandising program at San Francisco State University and a co-author of the just published Sustainable Fashion: What’s Next? Connie was the recipient of the 2015 Goodwill Most Valuable Partner Award for SFSU for support and excellence in partnership.
Chrissy Kaufman Chrissy Kaufman is the Production Manager for Dare Fashion, a local apparel company that manufactures in San Francisco. She has 20 years experience working with small-scale jewelry and apparel collections and has always focused on fair trade and sustainability components.
Gail Baugh Gail Baugh has over 35 years experience in the fashion industry: Macys buyer, apparel production manager, and international textile and manufacturing sourcing. Experienced in global supply chain management, her expertise is fiber and textile innovation and alsoincludes sustainable textile production.
Danette Scheib Danette Scheib co-founded Lemon Twist with her husband in 1999. Her smart and distinctive designs with impeccabletailoring are designed and manufactured locally. Danette also runs Lemon Twist Fashion Camp, a summer camp for kids where she teaches pattern making, fit, fabrics and sewing.
fibmeMonica Paz Soldan Monica Paz Soldan of Tiny Textiles in San Francisco, representing fibershed, spent her early years on her grandfather’s cotton ranch and dairy, and has always been surrounded by fiber and growing things. Creating with fiber has been a life long obsession. And the desire to produce truly clean clothes for her loved ones has kept her farming and knitting a lot of the time. Her desire to see a culture that does not live off of the suffering of others, and thrives as an integral part of its environment, has led her to assemble a workshop of recycled machines to produce a variety of textiles and products from domestic fiber.
1f13437Julianna Y. Mo Julianna Y. Mo is the co-owner of Press On Cleaners in San Mateo, California. Her business is the first Green Business Certified Dry Cleaner in San Mateo City and County. Since converting to Professional Wet Cleaning in 2008, Ms. Mo and her husband, James Roh, have increased their sales revenue by six-fold proving the viability of the business model. Ms. Mo and Mr. Roh have attended numerous workshops throughout California to share their expertise and experience in the field. In October 2009, Ms. Mo wrote an article that was published in the San Mateo Daily Journal titled, “What is Green Dry Cleaning?” In March 2014, Ms. Mo spoke on a panel at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) roundtable talks regarding Wet Cleaning care label law changes as Secretary of the Professional WetCleaners Associations. Ms. Mo holds a J.D. from Golden Gate University.